Hack you're SLVR L7 !

To enter click on the sitewide menu link to the left...

Motorola most likely didn't expect us SLVR users to figure this stuff out...but we did!

- Add movies/TVshows to you're SLVR's memory card!

- Add Java2 games/Apps that you dont have to pay for!

- Convert you're own Mp3 files into ringtones!  

- Add you're own picture files (jpg) without paying for them! 


The bottom line is, you dont have to pay for these things in order to get them on you're phone...Motorola tries to make these things confusing. In reality they are as easy as pointing and clicking. 

You can store/view up to 10+ TV Shows or 2 Movies on you're SLVR and still have room for Mp3s!?!

Did you buy you're SLVR L7 expecting to be able to use you're personal Mp3s as ringtones? Let us guess you were unable to figure it out right?? Just look under our make you're own mp3 ringtones section!

Things you will need to perform these simple mods... .. .

You will need a PC with at least one USB port. You will also need the USB to SLVR cord that was included with you're SLVR L7...the iTUNES CD will not be needed for any of these mods. The cord should look similar to the one in the picture on the right. 


Any Questions or Comments Email us at the address below... 

If you really need help with any of this or need more detail get ahold of me at www.myspace.com/jimmyinyourgrill


Keep in mind this page is to help users that own SLVR L7 phones...and i know the page has spelling errors and the layout is haggard i didnt have time to whip up a flash page for this particular subject so keep the cosmetic suggestions to yourself. I made this page and it's instructions easy enough for you're dog to follow so you shouldn't have to bitch to me as much as some of you do.

Some of these mods wont work on the SLVR L6 phones, the mods should work on the new SLVR L7c.